An Aladdin P0rn Parody Has Been Released And It’s Called Allad**k

You may be aware that a live-action remake of Aladdin starring Will Smith is hitting the big screens. But if you’re the kind of person who prefers your magic carpets to be genital-based, then a new porn parody may be more up your street.

The creatively named Aladdick features the titular star, as well as Princess Jizzman and Vagenie – and the trailer is quite eye-opening.

But for those of you who look for a cracking story line above all else when watching porn, feast your eyes on the below synopsis.

It reads: “Drop your harem pants and start rubbing your lamp because the most magical musical porn parody of all time is here! Aladdick is the live-action, hardcore, song-singing, blue genie-filled porn parody of Aladdin, and it was created by WoodRocket & Pornhub, the horny folks behind Hamiltoe and Game of Bones 2.

“When Princess Jizzman goes looking for a prince to satisfy her royal genitals, she comes across Aladdick over and over again. With the help of his Vagenie and flying carpet, he disguises himself as Prince All D. But will evil Jafuck, screw him over? Find out in Aladdick.”

Aladdick is now a thing. Credit: WoodRocketAladdick is now a thing. Credit: WoodRocket

No doubt you are now desperate to find out whether Jafuck will screw over Aladdick, and there’s good news – the film was released on Pornhub today, so fill your boots. However, if you want to watch the extended version ‘featuring more sex with a porn parodied Princess’, then you’ll have to head to Pornhub Premium.

Aladdick stars April O’Neil, Donnie Rock, Daisy Ducati, Tommy Pistol, AJ, Nikki Sequoia, and Will Tile, and it was written and directed by Lee Roy Myers… if any of those names mean anything to you.

This is not the first time WoodRocket have collaborated to create a parody that hopefully amuses you more than it arouses you. Who could forget such classics as Hamiltoe, Game of Bones 2 and The Laygo Movie?

Yes, that Lego penis is pixelated (because it is just a normal penis painted yellow). Credit: WoodRocketYes, that Lego penis is pixelated (because it is just a normal penis painted yellow). Credit: WoodRocket

If after watching Aladdick you realise porn parodies actually turn out to be your fetish, then here’s the synopsis of The Laygo Movie to get you all worked up.

It reads: “The Laygo Movie has so much brick-sucking and block-stuffing that you may question what the brick the folks at WoodRocket and Pornhub were thinking.

“Nobody thinks Rammit is special. Even Wildpiehole has her doubts… until she gets a load of his big yellow pants-brick. It is the Penis of Resistance. Now it’s up to them to go Fifty Shades of Yellow before it is too late!”

… Have a good weekend.

Featured Image Credit: WoodRocket

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