High school girls fighting against toxic masculinity after boys ‘rank’ their looks

Two secondary school young ladies are set for end a culture of “harmful manliness” at their school subsequent to discovering that a gathering of young men at their school made a rundown positioning young ladies dependent on their looks.

Yasmin Behbehani and Nicola Schmidt from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Montgomery County, Maryland were stunned and daunted when they learned of the rundown.

“I unquestionably felt a feeling of selling out. I believed that these individuals were my companions and my colleagues. I understood that I had been thought about by other individuals and it unquestionably felt like a punch in the gut,” Behbehani disclosed to CTV News Channel.


As per the Washington Post, the rundown incorporated the names of 18 young ladies positioned and appraised dependent on their looks. The rundown was made over a year prior, however, reemerged prior this month.

After Behbehani and Schmidt got some answers concerning the rundown through companions, they sorted out a gathering of young ladies who went up against the school organization with their worries.

“I think they were exceptionally open and expected to beginning development and supporting us in that development,” Behbehani said of school authorities’ response.

As indicated by the Washington Post, the young ladies, alongside organization, sorted out a gathering on International Women’s Day (March 8) with 80 understudies, including the young men who were engaged with the episode. The gathering should be 45 minutes in length yet kept going two and a half hours. Understudies had the capacity to talk about their encounters with sexual abuse, inappropriate behaviour, body certainty issues and dietary issues. In the wake of tuning in to the encounters of their colleagues and friends, the young men who made the rundown apologized for their activities.

“I feel that, as seniors, as pioneers of the school, we chose to accomplish something that we thought was essential for the underclassmen and the new influx of secondary school understudies that will be coming after us,” Behbehani said.

“This is such a great amount of greater than only a rundown. This is about a harmful culture that [the boys] were playing into and that us ladies need to live with each and every day,” Schmidt said.

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