24-year-old Weighed A Colossal 660+ Lbs, See Her Incredible Transformation (Photos)

Amber Rachdi lost over 200 pounds and changed her life.

We hear amazing weight-loss stories all the time. We’re shown their before and after photos and we’re told what they did to get where they are today. But what people don’t typically talk about is the will power that goes into that transformation.

Amber Rachdi, a young woman from Oregon, was looking out at the rest of her life and realized that she just couldn’t live like she was anymore. By 24 years old, Rachdi was severely overweight and on her way to multiple, life-threatening health problems.

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Rachdi only ever left her house to buy more food. However, she couldn’t even walk around and shop for that food. The girl was completely dependent on her electric wheelchair. Without it, she was totally immobile, as the weight was too much for her to carry around normally.

Life wasn’t easy at home either. For example, even showing was a huge ordeal for the girl. Rachdi needed clean herself with long brushes each time she bathed to make sure the folds of her skin would not become inflamed or infected.

As more and more physical problems came up, Rachdi would be met with an even greater amount of mental distress. Her weight was eating away at her happiness, yet she couldn’t stop.

Rachdi would eat four huge meals each day and would supplement her diet with candy in between meals. And the more she ate, the more weight she’d gain, and the more unhappy she’d feel. Amber Rachdi was living in a vicious, toxic cycle.

With encouragement from her boyfriend Rowdy, Rachdi finally got to her breaking point. She knew she had to change or her life would dwindle away. So, Rachdi applied to be on the TV series My 600lb Life. She weighed about 660 pounds at the time.

After applying for the show, Rachdi decided to go ahead with a gastric bypass operation. However, the procedure would be incredibly risky because of the girl’s weight. On top of that, she wasn’t even near the doctor who had agreed to help her. The doctor who would perform the operation, Dr. Nowzaradan, lived across the country in Texas.

But Amber Rachdi was determined to take back control of her life. She knew what she wanted and she knew what it would take. Nothing was going to stop her.

To make the high-risk surgery a bit safer, Rachdi would have to lose 22 pounds on her own. So, she moved to Texas to be closer to her doctor and set out to lose that weight. She adopted healthier eating habits and tried to remain aware of how she was treating her body.

It took about three months, but Rachdi did it. She lost the weight and was ready to go through with the surgery.

That operation had given her the motivation Rachdi needed to continue to change her life. Only seven months after the surgery, Amber Rachdi had lost about 90 pounds. She was now more mobile and could actually start working out – after being cleared by her doctor, of course.

Rachdi kept up with her healthier eating habits and stuck with her workouts. With her new, healthier lifestyle, the weight continued to drop.

Only one year after her operation, Rachdi had lost almost 150 pounds. While Rachdi knew she could do it, everyone else was utterly shocked. Her doctor was so surprised and impressed with the girl’s weight loss that he agreed to remove all of the excess skin that had stretched through her weight gain.

For anyone who didn’t witness the process first-hand, Amber Rachdi is pretty much unrecognizable. The depressed, severely overweight girl doesn’t exist anymore.

Now, not only is Rachdi determined to keep up with her healthier lifestyle in order to eventually reach her target weight but she also regularly sees a therapist to help her cope with her emotions in ways other than binge eating. Because of her determination and will power, Amber Rachdi has turned her life around and is finally happy again.

All images credit to Amber Rachdi / Facebook unless otherwise stated.

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