Dad Writes Surprise Note To Mom On Their Newborn’s Onesie

A dad surprises his girlfriend with a message on his newborn daughter’s onesie.

Baby Everly might have only been one day old, but she was still given a very important task by her father, Chad.

Chad’s girlfriend Lauren had just given birth to little Everly one day in November 2014. The new parents were surrounded by loved ones in their hospital room, sharing in the joy of the new baby girl.

Lauren was obviously exhausted, having just given birth to Everly, but it was clear that her excitement and happiness of being a new mom outweighed any exhaustion. Her boyfriend Chad was about to give the new mom, even more, to be excited about.

Chad hatched a plan to make his girlfriend’s day even more special than it already was. He was going to propose to Lauren with all of their loved ones present. Chad let the couple’s family in on the secret. Even the hospital staff was clued in. Everyone except Lauren was in on Chad’s sneaky, romantic plan.

Lauren’s aunt was holding her newborn niece, who had the secret message written on her onsie. However, the baby was all swaddled up in a blanket, which covered the message. So, the plan was that Lauren’s aunt would say that little Everly had a dirty diaper and needed a change.

After announcing that the baby needed a change, Lauren’s aunt handed Everly to Chad. The father then held his baby close, knowing that his life was about to change. After a few kisses, he handed the baby to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

Lauren held the baby, still completely unaware of what was unfolding. After some encouragement from her loved ones urging the new mom to unwrap the baby, Lauren pulled away Everly’s blanket.

That’s when she saw that the baby’s onsie had a message across it that read: “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”

Lauren was clearly shocked and excited. She couldn’t believe that what was happening was real. She looked at Chad for reassurance, asking him if he was serious. All the while, Chad was kneeling by the hospital bed with a huge smile across his face.

Lauren couldn’t say no to Chad, especially when it was her newborn baby daughter who officially asked the couple to marry. So, Lauren gave an excited and eager yes, officially sealing their little family together, all while the couple’s loved ones watched with love.

Little baby Everly, barely one day old, had completed her mission. There’s no doubt that she was born into one happy and loving family. You can watch the full proposal below.

All screenshots taken from Chad McDevitt / YouTube.

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