Teacher Sent Letters To All Her Students After A Parent Told Her This During A Conference

The poignant stance for the majority of parents out there is when they have to send their kids back to school again.

The reason behind the special message goes back to the time when a girl tried to commit suicide and was absent from the classes for a lengthy period of time.

The girl was actually was protected by the police force when she was trying to attempt suicide. This story was shared with the teacher by a mother whose daughter would have died if the police did not arrive at the right time. The girl had even written a goodbye note each and everyone in her family.

When the teacher heard the story, she was actually pretty dejected and decided to write a special message to the girl. The girl was shocked when she got the note from her teacher and couldn’t believe the fact that someone out there actually cared about her enough to say nice things about her.

This made the teacher realize that what if she lost her students like this? So she decided to help each and every student of hers in a special way. So she decided of leasing the knowledge she had about each student by letting them know that she loved, appreciated and respected how amazing they all were.

Thus in a world where students are countered with competition every day and where the pressure is considered necessary to progress, we tend to lose the basic necessities such as happiness in life. This is why it is necessary to recollect the rank of compassion beforehand and say good things to others.

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