25 People On Social Media Whose Stupidity Levels Are Beyond Garbage

There are certain people doing weird things that are so irksome that it needs to be addressed, posted, shared, made public and thrashed in the hope that it never springs up again. Even when you know that the floods of uselessness on the internet and the real world will never really come to an end. But that’s the fun! They do it and we’ll post it and so the battle wages on. Here are some pictures depicting people who can’t be more trashiest than they already are!

1. When you are so useless that you are not even sure.

2. Yeah, and speaking is so very painful!

3. Why would you even think of doing this?

4. And now the world knows it too…

5. And she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with him!

6. How useless is this guy!

7. This doesn’t even look good!

8. Yeah, and when they are dead their ghosts will call you…

9. You are so useless that you keep your own seat for wherever you go!

10. They have this in the kids’ section?!

11. No one will when they see this…

12. This is an example of what you don’t want to be!

13. And now we know anyone can be a perv!

14. What on earth is she trying to do?

15. He must be really rich!

16. A useless way to show you had a tiring night!

17. I literally have no words for this one…

18. And if you are stupid, you are the trashiest!

19. Is this person still alive?

20. Oh no, He looks like he is in a lot of pain!

21. Someone’s taking Trump too seriously!

22. When love being a badass, you know you are useless!

23. This is as trashiest as it can be!

24. Register if you are a useless person with a useless mind!

25. How the hell is she still against vaccination!


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