9 Most Embarrassing Uniforms That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Wearing Them

Uniforms play a crucial role in giving your identity as a professional be it an army man, a sports player or a joker in the circus.

In educational institutions and business companies, what defines people from outside is their uniforms. Obviously, uniforms are clothes with designs and color combinations that are decided by owners of organizations or sports bodies.

No matter how intricate or crammed this concept has been, the uniform has been in existence for long. In the last few decades, a trend has begun to hire professionals to design them. Despite this, there have been occasions when uniforms became a fashion disaster.

We bring you such examples. Take a look.

1. Hotdogs and awkwardness, anyone?

While the worker’s name is on her cap, the colors they’ve used for their uniform is more than enough to imagine more of the mustard, ketchup, hot dog, and some spices, splatted on the worker. You won’t feel hungry and excited about that stick you’re about to buy.

2. Drama, blues and… Camel’s toes?!

Their costume is pretty much distracting. Creators of this suit must be feeling embarrassed after seeing the result of this shameful design.

3. For the win!

Come one, come all. Would you be willing to give up the title for these…pretty, accomplished women racers’ dresses? I don’t think so.

4. A gymnast’s dress.

She’s a gymnast, and her suit is unexpectedly revealing and hurting!

Don’t stretch it that much; some organs may get torn.

5. Girls, girls you should’ve worn nothing at all.

Personally, I despise one-piece garments. They’re quite revealing and, well let’s just say, leave next to nothing to the imagination.

6. Swimmer’s wardrobe malfunction.

I forgive this one because no maker of swimwear would damage an athlete by putting a hole exactly at the butt crack. *pun intended*. Still, these fails should be taken care of.

7. Sinful optical illusion?

Let’s give a round of applause for this trap. This time, I think this is the one I would call “athletic sabotage by demonizing the wardrobe.” Poor ladies, they had to wear them.

8. A rugby player in pink, cute.

We have no idea how this player is feeling about this pink-colored inappropriateness.

9. Finish line and finished balls.

I thought, only ladies would get a camel toe. And then this guy came and took a strong stand on men’s perspective.


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