12 Naughty Jokes With Photos That Will Make You Go Crazy

If something makes you laugh a little, it sure makes your entire day. However stressed out we are, a well-placed joke is sure to make you giggle. We all love to crack funny jokes around our friends. Whether the joke is funny or lame, your friends are bound to laugh with you (or ‘at you’, depending on your humour).

But sometimes, just the regular jokes won’t cut it. But even on the worst days, a naughty humorous joke makes you go laugh out loud. We all love to share naughty and epic jokes, don’t we? Don’t say that you don’t, there is nothing wrong in it as every person has a naughty side.

Naughty illustration jokes make a perfect combination and I love to share them with my friends. Let’s check out such 12 naughty jokes with photos that’ll tickle your funny bone instantly.

1) Poor kid

Such situations happen not only in movies but in real life too – when kids go old enough to do old-people things.

Your boyfriend’s fantasies are fine, unless they include only you.

3) Perplexed Santa

When your kids become over smart, even Santa Claus gets helpless.

4) Titillating suffocation

It feels erotic as long as your lover is able to breathe. Can’t blame Superman for that. Wonder Woman is far more superior that Lois Lane.

5) Selfie mania

When validation stops coming from within you and you have to rely on trivial ‘likes’ from the social media.

6) The truth serum bar

Well, the honest kind of date, I like it!

7) Mischievous vampire

Well, even the mighty vampires won’t prefer an easy bait.

8) Never underestimate your boyfriend.

Else be prepared for a wild hookup.

9) It happens!

Misunderstandings are okay unless there are others who can notice and enjoy them, as well.

10) When loser becomes a stud

Well, its correct when they say “Grass is always greener on the other side.”

11) Hell yea!

Is it a lovers’ quarrel or friendly fire?

12) Have fun!

When Pokemon Go became a thing, people started giving their Pokemon certain names that, apparently, weren’t very dignified for the gym leaders.

Don’t hesitate to be naughty. If you also have a collection of funny jokes, then please share the naughty jokes with photos in the comments section.

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