The hairs sticking out of our nostrils have been considered very repulsive for quite a long time, so people wax, cut, and eliminate them in different ways.

Still, another pattern nowadays may demonstrate that it was all needless, as certain individuals have gotten nose hair extensions.

Everything began when Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen utilized false eyelashes to make the look, and a lot of other people immediately followed her.

This is about to be one of the weirdest beauty trends ever, with the #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram being without a doubt a gigantic hit among hair fans, with various ladies posting a lot of of photographs demonstrating their hairy nostrils.

People have used this hashtag more than 400 times on Instagram, with an ever increasing number of individuals sharing photographs and videos trying the unusual look.

Be that as it may, we profoundly advise you to reconsider before letting eyelash stick up your nose. As indicated by the Cleveland Clinic, the regular hairs in the nose do really fill a significant need, as their job is to trap bacteria and dust.

Then again, the original hairs might be harmed by the utilization of glue to put extensions up your nostrils, causing real damage.

At the point when the idea showed up, nobody appeared to trust that numerous individuals would set out to give it a shot and that the peculiar trend would last, yet evidently, they weren’t right!


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