9 Advantages Of Living A Single Life!

Relationships are topical these days whether good or bad. It becomes quite a surprise for us if someone around us is willingly single and is not ready to mingle. However, there are people who find relationships miserable and also relish their single life or singlehood.

Well, the reasons could not be ignored or denied!

Here are 9 pros of living a single life :
You’re your own boss!

You need no consent or dissent for anything you do. For that matter in a relationship, everything comes in duo whether a decision or a choice.

2. You’re self-reliant
You rely on yourself more than anyone else. While in a relationship sometimes you rely on you partner more than your own self.

3. Flirt without guilt or fear
Yes! Everyone does flirt whether in relation or not. When single, a person can flirt to any extent without having any apprehensions. But a person in the relationship has a list of do’s and don’t that permits healthy flirting.

4. Friendly bonds are stronger
You will have to agree that your friends weigh much importance when you were not in relation. Friends were the only companions you had. Relationships sometimes take away the friendship and friends.

Rear View of Group of Friends Hugging

5. You have your time
Undeniably, a good and a matured relation take a hell lot of time, which requires communication, and thus you land up sticking to your phone entire day. A single person would, however, utilize those hours of the day!

6. Your expectations
You expect from own self. When you’re fiercely independent you tend to fulfil your desires on your own without any aid.

7. You are strong
Your self-dependency whether psychologically or emotionally makes you feisty, thus you are bold enough to live on your choices.

8. You can travel
Agree or disagree single people have an edge when I come to travelling. They can pack their bags, choose a destination and vanish at the drop of a hat. Will you be able to do that in a relationship?

9. The world is your oyster!
Flirting is fun but sleeping& reading can be fun too, your singlehood allows you to do anything under the sky whether it’s sleeping or completing your novel.

Why not try singlehood then?

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