Man Finds His Fiancee On Tinder After She ‘Ripped The Pish’ Out Of Him

Dating apps are a modern-day minefield yet one man overcame the treacherous journey through tinder to find his soon-to-be wife after she “ripped the pish” out of him on it.

Scotsman Jason Forry took a chance on finding love through the popular app when he came across Natalie Anderson’s profile and instantly swiped right.

After they both successfully matched, Jason, 28, made the primary move and broke the ice with a hilarious HR-inspired letter from his alter-ego Grant Aitchison.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

He penned: “Dear Natalie, Thanks for your interest in Jason, we have reviewed your profile and would like to invite you to an initial interview.

“Jason is a very busy man so it would be ideal if you could just write a little about yourself interest and such smart luck in your application. several thanks, Grant Aitchison, Head of recruitment.”

The banter-filled message however ended on a bum note when Natalie, 27, replied and in an equally hilarious fashion said she wasn’t interested, cheekily saying their match was a “technical glitch”.

The fellow Edinburgh native replied: “Dear Grant Aitchison / Jason. Upon receiving your message, it’s been brought to our attention that there may have been some technical difficulties with the system that matched Natalie to Jason.

“We accept full responsibility for this glitch and unfortunately upon reviewing Jason’s profile we find that Natalie isn’t compatible with your client and have to decline the interview on this occasion.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

“Kind Regards, Natalie’s hr Team”. But little did they know that 3 years and a half years after their hilarious 2015 exchange, they would be engaged.

Despite the initial rejection, Jason revealed that the couple are currently planning to marry in 2021 after he shared their modern love story on Twitter, posting: “Mental that i am gonna marry the woman WHO ripped the pish out on ME on Tinder”.

Speaking to Pretty52 about their impending nuptials, Jason said: “We haven’t chosen the venue yet. but we are thinking it’s going to be in Edinburgh somewhere.”

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

Jason added that he knew Natalie was the one for him early and is excited to enter into the next chapter of their lives together.

“I knew she was the one pretty early on she’s really funny and is my best friend as well as my fiancee,” he shared.

If that isn’t the epitome of a modern love story then we do not know what’s…


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