Most Embarrassing Photos On The Internet

Embarrassing moments aren’t embarrassing until they are caught on camera and go viral on the internet. Here are the most embarrassing photos on the internet.

#7No one that is on the bottom of this stage dive wants to be there. Everyone is holding their heads and trying to avoid this girl from falling on them.


Dammit Bob, did you really have to throw the whole cup at the newly weds? You can see Bob’s facial reaction and he knows he messed up.


Someone tell creepy santa claus that he needs to control himself. I would for sure not let anyone I know sit on this guy’s lap.


When you decide to go and get a fake tan and it ends up looking horrible. I wonder if she knows how bad it looks.


This guy decided to take his shirt off and do the splits! What really matter is how happy he is, keep smiling bud!


When you drink a couple more drinks than you can handle and you go on the dance floor, this is how you end up.


Is it just stuck up there? or is it just stuck onto her leg? Why doesn’t someone tell her that she has toilet paper stuck to her leg rather than take pictures.


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