23 Less Than Royal Photos of Kate Middleton

Careful Kate

kate_middleton_without_makeup (1)

When all eyes are on you, you’ve got to be extra careful with every move you make.

Kate Middleton was getting out of a car when she gave the paparazzi a little more than they bargained for.

No More Chores

la-saga-kate-middleton_15-diaporama (1)

Kate Middleton was photographed taking out the trash.

As a Princess, Kate no longer has to do things like this.

Bottoms Up

KateOn the same sunbathing occasion, Kate was also snapped from behind as she basked in the sun’s warm glow before she got seriously burned by photogs. Although the occasion was embarrassing for the princess, that body is nothing to be ashamed of!

A tush that can crack a walnut.

Kate’s Furstenberg

36185fef7b6470dddfe2e2fff4a7ef41During a 2014 royal tour of the Blue Mountains in the land down under, Kate’s Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress blew up showing everyone the princess’s Furstenberg. Legal action has been taken against the German publication,” Bild”, who first published the photos.

With the bum photos taken hot off the heels of the Duchesses 2012 topless photo scandal, it seems the royal had a hard time catching a fully-clothed break.



After helicoptering into the Calgary airport in 2011 to attend a reception at the BMO Centre, Kate fell victim to yet another gust of cruel wind giving photogs are a glimpse of her pretty little behind.

On the flip side, yellow really seems to be her color.



Whether you’re a real-life princess or just an ordinary lady, nothing should stop a woman from enjoying some fun in the sun.

Kate Middleton is really enjoying herself on this boat and we definitely don’t blame her.

Cricket Crusin


In April of last year, the prim and proper princess hit the cricket circuit with hubby Will in Christchurch, New Zealand. Along with some wins, Kate also gave photogs the opportunity to snap the royal making some of the silliest faces.

Always playing the role of princess, Kate hit the field in a skirt suit and heels ditching the Nike’s and tracksuit.

Stop It, You!”


As gorgeous as we find the Duchess of Cambridge, the paparazzi occasionally catches her making a funny face during a public appearance. This is a pretty good example.

It’s nice to see that even a role model for the young and the restless can have a good sense of humor.

Royal Wedgie


Due to Kate Middleton’s royal reputation, her photographs in swimming suits instantly go viral and catch a lot of public attention.

Although Kate has an amazing figure, the paparazzi caught her trying to fix a wedgie, too.

Rocking Denim


Before the royal wedding, and way before Kate Middelton became a role model and fashion icon in the United Kingdom, she used to rock slightly more casual outfits.

This “retro jeans, plain white tee and old-school black belt” ensemble is definitely not what we normally see the Duchess in.

Can’t Hear You


The more famous you are, the more perfectly timed photos of you there will be online. Kate Middelton, fortunately, is also a victim of the paparazzi cameras.

Being royalty is difficult, we all know that; sometimes it’s easier just not to listen!

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