Single Dad Shows Up To Mother’s Day Event In A Dress [Video]

This Sunday (12 August) is mother’s day in Thailand and as a celebration, many schools across the country celebrated it in advanced on Friday (10 August) as a chance for students to show gratitude to their mothers. So, what if a kid doesn’t have a mom? Well, this story of a 32-year-old dad will bring you to tears! Chatchai Parn-Uthai, a father of two sons aged 3 and 5 respectively, has separated from his wife three years ago. As a very loving father, he donned on a pink lace dress along with a hairpin to attend the Mother’s Day Thanksgiving event.

Chatchai shares on social media, “I am a single father with two children. For my son, I can do anything.”

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A few netizens uploaded the video of Chatchai’s participation during the Mother’s Day event and the video has now garnered over 5.2 million views in just 2 days!!! Many others were touched by this loving father’s gesture and effort for the son. When asked by reporters about the incident, he expressed that he only did so because he hoped that his children can participate happily in the Mother’s Day activities despite not having one by their side. “I don’t want my children to feel inferior and hope they can be happy. I didn’t feel embarrassed for wearing women’s clothes. It’s because I love my children very much. As long as I can see them smile, everything is worth it,” Chatchai added.

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He also said that he’s thankful of how supportive netizens were and assures everyone that he’ll continue being a good father to the children.

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