15 Things Only a Shy Girl Will Do If She Likes You

15 Things Only a Shy Girl Will Do If She Likes You

When you are shy or an introvert, it’s downright painful to have to talk to someone you like or have a crush on. Heck, on most days, it’s a challenge to talk to anyone besides your four-legged BFF. You are torn between a strong desire to talk to them and the urge to do anything and everything to avoid being seen; diving under the closest table and army crawling away as quickly as possible doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.

Unfortunately, for the shy girl, guys tend to think she’s either uninterested or an awkward Kardashian wannabe. Now guys, how do you know if the girl you are into is actually shy or if she really is just an uninterested snot? This is a tough one but definitely not impossible to figure out.

There are certain nuances in a shy girl’s actions and behavior that will definitively let you know who you are dealing with. This will save you from dismissing a girl that could potentially be the love of your life or protecting you from dating your next psycho ex-girlfriend.

We are going to take a good in-depth look at things only a shy girl will do. You will become an expert at recognizing a shy girl.

What do you do if you discover that a shy girl is interested in you? Shy girls are rare precious gems. They are keen observers, impeccable listeners, and can carry on some pretty good conversations too. If you find out that a shy girl is interested in you, pursue it. It might seem daunting if you are used to having girls fall at your feet in admiration and aggressively pursue you, but trust us and go for it. Once she learns that she can trust you, you will see an entirely different side to her.

15. Mr. Invisible

The shy girl will try her best to avoid looking at you. She won’t want to draw your attention. She’ll pretend that she doesn’t notice you but in reality she’s likely trying her best to control the butterflies in her stomach. She enjoys noticing you, but only from afar (for now).

If you were to catch her eye, she would probably have to run to the bathroom to throw up. The best thing you can do is be direct with her and reach out. You are definitely going to have to make the first move because she will not. But it will be worth it in the end.

14. Awkward

A shy girl being awkward? Nooooo. Really? So, being awkward isn’t a huge surprise but there is actually a little bit of a distinction here. Shy girls will be awkward but they will be especially more awkward if there are other people around. She is usually most comfortable if it’s just the two of you because she can focus on what you are saying as well as focusing on controlling her nerves. Add other people around and she loses her ability to focus and/or control her anxiety.

She could be slightly nervous and stumbling over her words when it’s just the two of you but then become even more nervous when you throw extra people into the mix. Stumbling over her words turns into absolute silence. Any direct eye contact she had with you will disappear. You’ll notice an increase in fidgeting with her hands, hair, pencil, etc.

With a girl that’s uninterested in you, she will actually become more comfortable and exhibit less shyness when more people are around.

13. Physical Contact

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the clouds parting and the heavens singing a chorus of “Hallelujah!” If you heard it, then your arm or leg must have brushed up against hers accidentally. If the physical contact was more than just a couple of seconds, you won’t hear the heavens singing but you will get to see a girl faint in front of you.
This remarkable moment in time will stay with her forever. When she’s feeling down or alone, she’ll remember this time and it’ll make her smile. You might not have even noticed those few seconds but it’s a near-guarantee that she did.

12. Social Media

A shy girl isn’t afraid to look you up on social media. She might even like a status or picture now and then, but she will most definitely not like too many. Good gracious, if she liked two in a row or maybe more than one profile picture, well that could send the wrong message. You could think that she is paying attention to you and well…that can’t happen. If you think she’s paying attention to you, you could think that she *gulp* has feelings for you! If she were to read this, she would get red in the face just having to imagine you reading this and thinking this could be what you are thinking, and thinking that makes her want to throw up the butterflies in her stomach!

11. LOL!

A shy girl will either start laughing uncontrollably because she’s outrageously nervous or she’s trying too hard for you to like her. It’s awkward and she knows it but she can’t help it. She will be replaying this later on…probably for the next few days and feeling embarrassed over and over again. But in the moment, she can’t help it!

Just try and be nice. Don’t make fun of her or call out her laughing in front of people. It would be incredibly wonderful for you to crack a joke or do something funny so that she will feel less awkward about laughing.

Forgive any silly jokes or things she says when she’s giggling. She’s got a million different thoughts racing through her head, and she’s trying to keep herself together!

10. Denial

To get a shy girl to admit she has feelings for you is about as challenging as finding a clear picture of Bigfoot. It’s incredibly difficult for her to do.

You will basically have to convince her that you are not going to reject her in some horrifically public fashion. And, convincing her of that? Well, good luck.
A shy girl will not confess her feelings to you immediately after being confronted. She will need time. Actually, confrontation is probably not the best way to go about having her come clean with her feelings. Initiate the conversation by confessing your feelings first. This will make her much more comfortable and at ease with opening up to you.

9. Stuck On You

She’s stuck on you like gum on the bottom of your shoe. She remembers even the most minute of details. Some of the most important people in your life won’t remember the things she does.

Shy people are great listeners. They are constantly observing the environment around them. When they like someone, they will listen intently because they truly do want to know more about them. What’s going on inside their head?

So, if you find her remembering or referencing things that make you ask yourself how the heck does she remember that?! There’s a good chance that you are dealing with a shy girl who is stuck on you.

8. Cat’s Got Her Tongue

If you walk up to a group of people and everyone turns to talk to you (except her), she might be incredibly nervous because she likes you and doesn’t want to come across as a super-hyper preteen fan girl at a One Direction concert.

Get her one on one and yes she will talk. But with others around, she’s really trying to hold her *secret* close to her chest. Maybe she’s already dating someone. Perhaps you are the one dating someone. Either way, if you catch a girl suddenly going from chatty to dead quiet when you approach her around her group of friends, something’s up; and it’s likely her heart rate.

7. The Boyfriend

This one is a bit sticky but life happens and these things do occur. So, you are interested in a girl or you are interested in figuring out if a girl is interested in you. The catch is one of you or both of you are already taken. Now, before you condemn whoever would dare do this to hell, souls connect at various points in time…and yes, sometimes it happens. You might think you have found the love of your life but when you lock eyes with this other person, your souls connect and they recognize each other. Do you deny your feelings to spare the other party’s feelings? You could, but how fair is that to them? Allow them to find their true soulmate. They might not realize what’s missing.

Heck, look at Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes. Leann and Eddie met on the set of a Lifetime movie and fell head over heels for each other. But, they were both married to other people. They came clean to their significant others and everyone involved have now moved on and are leading happy lives (well, Leann and Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, seem to always be feuding on Twitter but…).

If you are interested in the girl and she doesn’t bring up a significant other…ever, chances are she’s open to seeing if there might be a connection between you two, but she’s shy and doesn’t know how to broach the subject.

6. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If she’s mirroring your body language, this is something that she’s completely unaware of, but it’s a dead giveaway that she likes you more than a friend.

If you are crossing your arms, does she cross hers? Now put your arms at your sides, how long does it take her to do the same? If not long, chances are looking pretty good that her subconscious is giving her away.

She likes you, and although she’s trying her hardest to conceal it, her body language has whispered her secrets. Shhh! Don’t tell her you know until you are absolutely certain. Be on the lookout for a few more signs before confiding in her that you like her too.

5. Online

The shy girl will talk a lot online, but in person, she can barely get out a “Hi.” And if she does manage to get out a “Hi,” it’s going to be squeaky or inaudible.

She’s able to talk online because she doesn’t have to see you when she’s talking making it easier to get out what she wants to say. You’re too dang good-looking! Stop it already. Please!

Be patient with her, though. Once she’s comfortable with you, then she will start opening up. But for now, just enjoy getting to know each other. Even if the steps are very slow.

4. Overanalyzing

It takes her awhile to respond to texts and email. Why? Because she is dissecting every single word you have written, and she’s rethinking every single word she writes.

The subject line and the salutation of an email are two of the most difficult pieces to construct. These alone could take her a couple hours to meticulously craft. A text message is a little easier for her to write but she will no less overanalyze the crap out of anything you text back. Sometimes guys will think she’s too busy with other stuff and just uninterested in him due to the amount of time it’s taking her to message him back. With most girls, this could be the case. But with shy girls, it couldn’t be further from the truth. So, be prepared for a little bit of a wait.

3. Girl’s Best Friend

Shy girls are notorious for their amazing relationships with their pets. If she likes you, you will be introduced to her dog. This introduction is important because if her dog doesn’t like you, it doesn’t matter how much she herself likes you, your chances for taking this relationship to the next level and becoming officially boyfriend and girlfriend are slim to none.

Shy girls have a very select group of friends. Most of the time these are friends she’s had for years. She also counts her four-legged fur child as one of her friends; one of her best friends. She can tell her pup anything and everything and he will not judge her. She doesn’t have to worry about what her pup thinks of her because she knows without a doubt that he loves her unconditionally.

A shy girl’s best friend is her dog. Win over her dog and you may have a chance.

2. Gotta Go!

A shy girl will leave the room when you enter. She can’t help it. You are making her weak in the knees and giving her heart palpitations. Whenever you come near her, you are making her way too anxious.
It’s the way you smile. It’s the positive energy you are giving off. It’s your smile. It’s your sense of humor. The list could go on and on, but just know that if you see her bolt towards the door or try and use any excuse to get out of your sights, it’s not because she doesn’t like you. She would probably just rather throw up out of sight than right there in front of you. That would be the most mortifying thing in the world to her.

1. Roses Are Red

Roses are red…and so are her cheeks! No violets here! Just blush… A shy girl that likes you won’t be able to control the blood flow to her cheeks. Her cheeks and throat will get a deep pink to red. It’s embarrassing because it’s something that she just can’t control. Whatever you do, do not ever point it out to her.

Shy girls will start blushing when they are near their crush, or sometimes even just thinking about their crush will cause them to turn the color of Rudolph’s nose. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? It’s actually quite flattering when you really think of it.

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