What Happens When You Make Love with Pregnant Woman?

She’s carrying your baby, the next in your line, your heir. And both of you are overjoyed. And a question that’s striking you is: can you get close to your wife or partner or not in this time when she carrying your baby.

So what is the truth, can a man possibly poke the head of the baby with the tip of his hood while having fun with his partner or wife? Before we get to answer of – “yes” or “no,”, we first look into the brief anatomy lesson.

He growing baby glide inside a cyst of a amniotic fluid which is soaring inside the amniotic cyst inside the uterus

Cervix is protecting the uterus. Cervix is a rigid hurdle to the female part that opens over a many times during when she’s pregnant. The length of birth canals is three inches to 7 inches long, depending upon the women state.

The above ultrasound image is of an actual p*nis inside a woman who is 6 month pregnant

The actual ultrasound image of a penis inside a woman who is six month pregnant. Cervix area is in a white color. Then is the uterus, amniotic cyst and then the baby. As illustrated in the picture the direction of it fits in a space underneath the cervix and uterus

Cervix And Uterus Is Fits In A Space Underneath While A Couple Making A love














So do you know the answer? Can you poke the baby’s head with the tip while you are making fun with your wife or partner? It’s not possible because the baby is protected behind the rigid cervix, uterus and amniotic fluid. However you might hustle the baby.

Ma’s Part Will Slightly Hustle The Baby’s Head Or Push The Baby During Making Fun


Yes it is possible that a man part will slightly hustle the baby’s head or also push the baby. However, the baby will get the experience of a similar hustle when she runs up a few stairs and does some workout.










As you are seeing in the image, it’s impossible for the man’s part to “brush up against” the cervix, which could, in turn, “hustle” the contents of the amniotic cyst… and thus. “Hustle” the growing baby.

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