Woman Shames Fiancé After Finding Out The Cost Of Her Engagement Ring

Well.. he wasn’t generous enough.

A man’s biggest worry when proposing to the woman he loves is not only to receive the answer. A man has to become a good jewelry man who chooses the right ring because that’s going to be something that she wears for the rest of her life.

It’s going to be a symbol of your love to that person.

And for women, it can be rather disappointing if your man didn’t take his time in choosing the right ring. Well, that’s if your man didn’t take his time.

A woman posted a picture of her engagement ring which comes with a diamond solitaire on top of a gold ring. It cost the man $1,674 for the ring and she was disappointed in it.

So, she brought it online to let other people know what she thinks and to get suggestions.

The simple, but the elegant ring had a diamond solitaire and cost $1,674 which subsequently labeled as ‘cheap’ and ‘small’.

Courtney Barrett

She humiliated her fiance and called husband-to-be, ‘cheap’


But people backfired her and she was clearly not expecting that

So she decided to delete the post


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