Can You Spot The Missing Number? Some People Need More Than 20 Seconds To See It

We think we are smart enough but sometimes our brains outsmart us. This is usually the case when we look at large groups of numbers. Naturally, we assume that if the numbers are in series, they must be in consecutive order. And that is exactly why we make the mistake!

Want to test your eyes and your brains?
Here’s a riddle for you.

Are you paying attention? Okay, fine. Now, which number is missing from the below series?

Did you see it? I bet it was much much harder than you actually thought. If you ask me, I needed less than 5 seconds to spot the missing number. Are you still looking?

Okay, stop. Here’s the solution:

Hey, hey I know that you are proud of finding that missing number in less than a few seconds, but did your brain stopped working after that?

Here’s another one!

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