10 Horrifying Reasons Why Not To Shave Your PUBIC Hairs Again

Many ladies are terrified their Vparta would possibly one way or the other cease working if they do not shave it, or their man will likely be fully turned off.

#1 The Shaving FearMany ladies are terrified their Vparta would possibly one way or the other cease working if they do not shave it, or their man will likely be fully turned off. First, a person will ALWAYS wish to have intercourse any time it doesn’t matter what it seems like down there. Second, it nonetheless works girls don’t be concerned!

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#2 The Cuts
There are such a lot of angles and shapes you have to information your razor round down there, making it almost unimaginable to not minimize your self at the least as soon as! Most ladies additionally get extraordinarily painful rashes, even when they make it by way of the trenches with out nicking themselves.

#3 Protection
You could not understand, however the Vparta is extraordinarily delicate and is susceptible to being contaminated very simply. This is the reason your pubes are there, to PROTECT your treasured purse. Micro organism simply loves an open space to infiltrate.

#4 Stay Safe Ladies

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The scariest one among all is that you’ve a a lot increased threat of catching a illness from a sensual accomplice. Your pubes can shield you from molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, and even herpes.

#5 Higher Risk For Genital Warts
If you shave your pubic hair, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of contracting genital warts. Although pubic hair doesn’t completely prevent it, it helps avoid skin on skin contact with someone who may already have it. Genital warts are warts that are located near or on the genital areas. In a female, that means on or near the vulva (the outside genital area), vagina, cervix, or anus. In a male, that means near or on the penis, scrotum, or anus. Warts appear as bumps or growths. They can be flat or raised, single or many, small or large. They tend to be whitish or flesh colored. They are not always easy to see with the naked eye, and many times a person with genital warts doesn’t know that they’re there.

#6 Skin Problems In Your Private Area
Removing your pubic hair naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds. Frequent hair removal is necessary to stay smooth, causing regular irritation of the shaved or waxed area. Many doctors say it is not unusual to find patients with boils and abscesses on their genitals from shaving as well as cellulitis, an infection of the scrotum. Being on the private parts, these skin issues are often more uncomfortable than they would be on other parts of the body.

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#7 Pubic Hair Actually Protects You

Among protecting you from diseases and skin problems, pubic hair helps you to prevent foreign particles like dust and pathogenic bacteria from entering your body. Dust and bacteria are often times accredited to creating terrible irritation.

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#8 Pubic Hair Contains Pheromones

Scientists believe that pubic hair retains sexual secretions that we know as being called pheromones. This is what attracts us to each other. The body gives off more pheromones as you sweat and those secretions are retained in the pubic hair regions.

#9 Pubic Hair Helps Control Your Body Temperature

It’s no secret that any hair helps regulate your body temperature. How exactly? Hair follicles help with sweating. There is a sebaceous gland on each hair follecule which releases oils onto the hair, which allows the oils to go up to the skins surface. When this oil evaporates it cools the skin because of its latent heat.

#10 Pubic Hair Provides A Natural Lubrication

Pubic hair is also a natural thing to protect against body friction. Rubbing of skin can irritate and hair helps to decrease this problem. It helps to protect your sensitive areas from redness caused by the skin rubbing. This could also provide a protection of possible irritation during intercourse.

#11 More Likely To Catch Molluscum Contagiosum

Shaving or waxing your pubic hair increases your risk of contracting a viral infection. Researchers of a new case study observed that the number of cases of molluscum contagiosum have risen along with rates of pubic hair removal. The finding confirms that hairless genitals may provide an opportunity for sexually transmitted diseases like molluscum to take hold, with shaving showing the strongest association. Molluscum contagiosum is spread easily, and the researchers suggested the virus may have spread primarily through self-infection caused by scratching skin irritated by shaving. Other skin issues were also noted among the study participants, which may also have been related to the pubic hair removal.

#12 Saggy Labias

Not many people thought about this until Cameron Diaz brought it to our attention. In The Body Book, Diaz makes her pro-pubic hair stance known. One of the biggest reasons she promotes keeping your hair is our inevitably droopy vaginas. “Let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia majora is not immune to gravity,” she wrote. “Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life?”

#13 It Gets Expensive

Although it’s not necessarily a health reason, shaving your pubic hair can get expensive. Don’t you just hate when you have to pay $25 or more for a four-pack of razor blades? If you prefer waxing, laser hair removal or electrolysis, you may have a longer grow out time, but you are paying thousands of dollars for searing pain. In the end, is this really worth it?

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