If You See This Symbol On A Baby’s Crib, Here Is Why You Do Not Ask The Parents About It

Very few occasions create as much joy as going to celebrate the birth of a friend’s child.

So you are on your way to see the mother and her newborn, and you happen to see a purple butterfly on the crib of the baby.

And you may be tempted to ask for the meaning of that symbol.

Tread carefully as your question could potentially turn the joyous atmosphere to a gloomy one.

This was the situation a mother had on her hands as she had just given birth to twins.

She was caring for her twins when she saw another mom who sat by her sole child.

And she innocently said “You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins … “

The mother with a sole child goes by the name Milli Smith, and she was devastated.

You see, she had given birth to twins but lost one of them just 3 hours after they were born.

She, with her partner Lewis Cann was excited when they found out that she was pregnant with 2 awesome beings.

Now, it wasn’t a total surprise for them since Milli’s family had a history of having twins.

But the catch here was that one always died.

History repeated itself.

But just before Skye died, they decided to let the 2 babies share a crib in the nursery and watched their 2 tiny infants.

An amazing moment that was for them.

And so with one daughter left (who goes by the name Callie), they were still in grief.

Now, although felt sad when the mother of twins made that statement, she understood that she didn’t know her story (or she wouldn’t have mentioned it).

And that got her thinking of a way to help parents who were in similar situations like the one she found herself in.

Okay, after she had been discharged from the hospital. She came up with a symbol.

A purple butterfly. That she put on the crib of Callie to show that she and her partner were mourning the loss of a child. Without having to rehash the painful story over and over again.

This is now being used by other parents who are going through the grief of losing a twin.

So when you see this symbol, you should now know without being told. Show your love and support for such a family.

As much as they have a reason to celebrate the birth of one, they also have the responsibility to mourn the demise of the other.

With the purple butterfly, Milli found a way to deal with the pain of losing her daughter. Through this symbol, her daughter gets to live.

That symbol alerts not only family and friends but medical staff who are unaware of what happened.

This way, the bereaved parents don’t have to tell the story all over again.

Many parents who have experienced what Milli and Lewis are going through have said that the symbol would be of great help to grieving parents.

And have wished they had that symbol on the cribs of their surviving babies at the time.

Now, with the proceeds of the symbol, they hope to raise funds to create support groups for grieving couples and families.

This is not to say that the symbol can magically soothe those who have lost their precious infants but that it could help.

Candles are lit at 7 p.m. in remembrance of the babies who were lost. This happens all over the world on the 15th of October every year.

This was kick-started in 1988 by the United States President, Ronald Reagan.

Known as the National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, this helps people to console families who are dealing with the pain of losing a child.

Now, look at this, 4,000 United States infants die every year as a result of SIDS — sleep-related infant death.

And most of the time it can’t be prevented. But even at that, there are ways to help reduce the risk of this happening.

And in this article, we have put out a list of things to do to avoid

SIDS from happening.

Smoking is dangerous.

As a mother, don’t smoke with an infant in you. They are dangerous and as such should be kept away from babies.

Neither should you stay around people who smoke as secondhand smoking is just as dangerous.

Get rid of the cigarette smoke. Don’t smoke before the baby is born. Keep cigarette smoke away from the baby. Cigarette smoke is harmful to the unborn baby, and this includes secondhand smoke.

So while you are pregnant, avoid smoking and cigarette smokers.

Also be very much aware of where you and baby sleep. Don’t sleep with the baby on a chair or sofa. Or even on the bed!

Babies shouldn’t share the bed with adults or other children. Breastfeed your baby and put the baby back in the colt before you go to bed.

Also, don’t put a pillow in the baby’s crib. And although that can seem like a tough ask, having a pillow in the baby’s crib can increase the chances of the baby from dying in their sleep.

This also goes for blankets and toys. All the baby needs is a firm mattress. This is to remove the chances of something obstructing the baby’s breathing.

The baby crib should always be in a parents room for at least the first 6 months of life. After that, the baby could have their own room since it has learned how to roll over on each side.

Now, during the first 6 months of the baby’s life, it is important that you pay very close attention to them.

When a baby has a cold in the first 6 months, it increases their chances of sudden death.

And so they should be comforted and well taken care of.

Also, cribs should be the only sleeping place for babies. And no crib mates are allowed. No stuffed animals or similar toys are allowed.

At least until the baby can sit up. But until then, they should be sleeping alone. These extras could suffocate your baby, so please keep them out until due time.

Pacifiers should be introduced to your infant after they have learned to feed.

These pacifiers help reduce the chances of babies having sleep-related deaths. Although you shouldn’t attach it to the baby or crib via strings of clips as this could lead to a choking hazard.

Breastfeeding is the best.

This is a choice every mother must make — to breastfeed her child or not.

But it is a fact that babies who are breastfed a usually healthier than babies who don’t.

The act of breastfeeding in itself helps comfort a baby and soothe them to sleep.

It also reduces the risk of SIDS.

Also, baby push-ups help make your baby healthy and strong. They should be kept on a play mat of some sorts as this also helps reduce the chances of SIDS.

When it comes to breastfeeding your baby, it is important that you pay heed to what you consume as a mother.

That is because whatever you eat gets transferred to your baby through breast milk.

Don’t drink alcohol; your baby takes that with you when they breastfeed.

So please stay away from unhealthy food and drinks that could lead to SIDS for your baby.

Also when you want to travel with your baby, take sufficient time to plan in advance. Take a traveling crib with you.

And please don’t trust the cribs in the hotel. They aren’t really the safest option out there.

Also, remember not to put your baby in the same bed as the other kids or yourself and partner.

Also, watch out for the body temperature of your baby. If the baby is sweating, then they should wear fewer clothes.

Although babies need to be warm, being hot can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant for them as well.

Just as I said before, babies are safest when they sleep in their cribs.

To avoid having your baby sleep in strollers. If your baby starts to sleep in a stroller, take the baby out and place them in a crib while on their back.

And if you can’t get to a crib then do it on a flat surface. This is to avoid suffocating the baby.

In addition to that, coats, blankets, and snowsuits should remain on the baby as they sleep.

They have to be comfortable while they sleep in their crib.

Swings can be useful in getting a baby to sleep, but it should be the resting place for a baby.

And if you feel like caring for your baby is overwhelming then for the sake of Christ, ask for help.

It is a very tough job and is one that can’t be half-assed. Making these decisions while being sleep deprived can be very difficult especially when you want to do a good job.


It doesn’t make you a bad parent, just a thoughtful and insightful one.

Also, note that taking sleeping pills or drugs that help you sleep deeply can be detrimental to your ability to care for your baby.


Your baby needs close care and attention.

Your baby also needs to take immunization shots. According to CDC, babies who have taken their immunization shots accordingly have reduced their chances of SIDS by 50%.

They may be uncomfortable to take, but they do help to keep your baby alive. So keep your appointments and let your baby take those shots.

Avoid blankets; they only make it easy for your baby to get smothered in their sleep.

Better stick to wearable blankets at most.


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