What Nurses Did With This Mom In Labor Is Incredibly Disturbing

Giving birth is a beautiful thing.Nothing can describe seeing your newborn child for the first time, but labor can be hard work. It’s important to get as comfortable as possible to make the process a little less stressful.

One woman wanted to have the most natural birthing experience possible.
Caroline Malatesta couldn’t wait to have the ultimate natural birthing experience at Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. It is a hospital that claimed to put a lot of emphasis on giving birth in your most natural state, however you choose. It was Malatesta’s fourth child, and she wanted to avoid the more traditional birthing experience by feeling more in control of her body.

She felt herself going into labor.
Malatesta couldn’t wait to meet her newborn son. Brookwood Medical Center stressed the fact that their birthing process empowered women, and Malatesta was excited to have a natural birth. When she began to feel labor pains, she knew it was time to make her way to the hospital.

Everything quickly began to go downhill.
Once she arrived at the hospital, she was told that her doctor was not on-call, and the nurses seemed unsure of how to handle the situation. She was told to stay in bed on her back, which is the opposite of what she was told that she could do when she toured the hospital. Malatesta was in extreme pain, and once she began to get the urge to push the unthinkable happened.

The nurses made a horrible decision.
The nurses then proceeded to hold her down and try to force her son’s head back into her vagina as he was trying to be born! They claimed they were waiting for the doctor to come into the room. The intense pressure of the nurses fighting against her contractions caused Malatesta intense pain, and she is permanently injured from the ordeal.

She decided to take a stand against the hospital’s negligence.
Her son Jack was born a healthy baby, but due to Malatesta having to fight during the birth literally she will be forever affected by a nerve condition called pudendal neuralgia in her genitals. After two years of no answers from the hospital, she filed a lawsuit, and Brookwood Medical Center was found negligent. She was awarded $16 million, and she hopes that her story makes hospitals take women much more seriously when it comes to providing quality, personal childbirth.

Women have to stick together.
After winning the lawsuit against the hospital, Malatesta began to hear from women who had similar, scarring experiences at Brookwood. It made her persistence against the hospital’s horrible treatment even more worthwhile. Unfortunately, she’ll experience pain for the rest of her life, and hopefully, her story can help women steer clear of any medical situation that just doesn’t seem right. Women want their needs to be heard when it comes to giving birth to a child.

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