12 Things That Men Want In Women But Will Never Say

Men vs women are the biggest fight someone will ever fight. These two genders are like two different directions. One is South and the other one is North. You will always find yourself caught up in a debate of whos better. Men think women are insane and women too have a common thought for men. You can laugh as much as you want but, at the end of the day, you need each other. To add the differences among men and women, we have something that is mostly faced by men. Girls are quite straight forward when it comes to what they want but when it comes to men, they feel shy in telling what they want. So, here’s a guide to his secret wishes.

1. Don’t behave like a robot

Men have zero tolerance for fakeness. They like women who are not scared to show their inner self. This is something that men want but is too scared to express. Do not be afraid to show your true self in front of your guy.

2. The first move

This is the sexiest thing that you can do for your guy. This is something that every guy yearns for. Women often think that making the first move will make them seem desperate or something but that is totally wrong. Get your best move ready girls as men want this.

3. Sports

This is something that every men want from his girl. Your guy wants you to watch sports with him without complaining. Men love sports and they love girls who watch sports.

4. Speak your mind

Men want girls who have a direct approach to their emotions. Say what you feel. Do not feel shy about your feelings.

5. Natural

Men want women who support natural beauty. Natural beauty is the thing to go for. Men go weak in knees for girls who doesn’t fake it.

6. Video games

Guys want women who have a knack for video games. Guys love it and it’s quite natural that they want girls who  it. Video games are a common point of conflict. That’s why if both of you have a weakness for this, well, problem solved.

7. No Drama

C’mon girls who can’t deny the fact that you have a certain amount of drama in your life. But guys want someone who doesn’t play head to dramas. They have an absolute hate for dramas.

8. Less phone

Over usage of the phone can cause many problems in your relationship. This is the reason why guys want a girl who has less attachment to her phone. No phone equals to no problem.

9. Adventurous

Now, who doesn’t love adventures right? As guys don’t pay heed to dramas and they love intangible stuff and hence their love for adventures is quite fair.

10. No nossy matter

Who likes someone nose in their personal matter? Same with guys. You might find this urge hard to control but this is what men like in women.

11. Play dress up

Do not dressup like a doll please. Guys need someone who can spice up the relationship with a little bit of role play and naughtiness.

12. Chill-pill

There’s nothing s3xier than a chilled out women. No wonder guys need someone like this in their life. That’s why, take a step back a enjoy your life.

Now that you know what guys like in women, wanna try some of these?

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