Penguins Return To New Zealand Sushi Store After Being Removed By Police

A couple of adorable penguins have had to be moved on twice after sneaking under a sushi store to nest.

In scenes reminiscent of Penguins of Madagascar, the cute pair were spotted waddling towards a sushi truck near Wellington railway station in New Zealand.
Police and officers from the Department of Conservation rescued the birds and put them back down near water, but the rebellious little dudes weren’t going to let them stop.

Later that day shop owner Long Lin saw them again and alerted the Department of Conservation the penguins were back.

The cute birds have been seen wandering about in the area. Credit: TVNZ
The cute birds have been seen wandering about in the area. Credit: TVNZ 

Lin tempted the penguins out using some fresh salmon from his store before grabbing them and putting them inside the truck while back up from the DoC arrived.

Speaking to RNZ, Lin said: “I still can’t believe I saw the penguin, I got to hold them actually, it was unbelievable.
“They were trying to come out from underneath the house, and I caught one and put it inside the house, I just didn’t want it to run away. Then another one came out; he was obviously looking for his mate and I caught it.

“The guy was actually trying to bite me, I got a few nips on my chest.”

DoC volunteer Mike Rumble arrived with another ranger to rescue the penguins and release them somewhere more suitable.

Armed with trapping nets and boxes, the pair apprehended the feathered pair and checked them over before taking them to a nearby nesting site near the water front.

But Rumble isn’t very confident the kororā will be happy in their new home and reckons they might try and go back to the sushi truck – well, who can blame them?

He told the news outlet: “We’ve got two boxes at the wharf which have never been used, we are going to put them there for the night and see if they come back, and I’m willing to bet they will. Then the backup place is around near Days Bay.

“It’s a natural characteristic of the penguins, they will always return to where they were possibly nesting. That’s why here tonight, I won’t be at all surprised if I get a call from the owner of the sushi bar saying, ‘they’re back’.”

Fellow ranger Robert Ashe reckons there might be more penguins on the loose in the area than two.

“We might be talking about five penguins here,” he said.

Featured Image Credit: Wellington Police


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