Soldier Found Out Wife SLEPT With 60 Men Behind His Back, See What The REVENGE Was…

Nicholas Sparks might have the market cornered on romantic stories, and have the world convinced that everything always turns out beautifully, but the reality is often far different. For every young love there is a bitter divorce, and for every blissful wedding there is a heartbreaking cheater. Love is a rollercoaster, and you can never choose where it’s going to take you next. This soldier thought he had the perfect relationship, but it was all about to come crashing down…
It’s one of those painful army love stories that we’ve heard before.


Joining the army is usually presented to us as a hero’s sacrifice. To put your life on the line like that for your country, and risk death or disfigurement, is not something everybody can do. But serving in the military isn’t just a strain on the soldier, as this man was about to find out. After falling in love with a friend of a friend, he thought his relationship was unbreakable – until duty called again…

That’s when they decided to get married.

For months, the young couple were completely inseparable. He couldn’t imagine ever leaving her, and he wanted to give her a reminder of his lifetime commitment by marrying her. Not only that, but there are a number of benefits for married couples where one person is serving, so tying the knot would be to their advantage.
After they wed, something started happening to the bride.

The wedding turned out wonderfully, and the soldier had two more months before he was due to leave the country on his tour. But before he could go, something strange started happening to his wife. While she was sleeping, she would regularly have violent and protracted seizures, often injuring herself without knowing it.
Luckily, she had medical insurance.


In many situations in America, fixing a problem like this could potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But one of the many perks of being in the army is the healthcare, which both partners in a married couple have unlimited access to. With the best doctors on her case, the wife soon got better.
But then, something strange started happening.


After she was cured, though, on doctor in particular would keep coming to their house to see her. Often the soldier would be out, so he just assumed that it was follow-up care, even though she had no appointment. The wife assured him too that she didn’t want to relapse, and had got the doctor to come to help her recover.

Then, the wife began doing something even stranger.


As if her behavior couldn’t get any weirder, the wife suddenly developed a shopping compulsion. And not just any kind of shopping – she had to go to Walmart, and she refused to go to the outlet that was closest to her. More often than not, she would drive all the way out of town to visit the center, and return home with only a handful of groceries.
He couldn’t worry about it for long, anyways.


What could he do about it? Basically, nothing. By the time this was all starting to come to a head, and the suspicions were starting to mount, his time at home was up. He was shipped to one of the US military bases in South Korea to do training exercises, and he didn’t get the chance to confront his wife about her behavior.

But then, her family contacted him unexpected.


Life in South Korea didn’t have the same excitement that it did in the Middle East, and the soldier couldn’t wait to get home. He missed his wife and was planning their life together when her family called him out of the blue. All four of them – her mother, brother, uncle and aunt – told him the weirdest and most shocking news he had ever heard in his life. Basically, that his wife was going around claiming that he was gay, and that because of that, she had the right to “sleep with anyone she wanted.”
That’s when the husband confronted her.


He had no choice to get onto to Slype with her and discover the horrible truth for himself. As soon as he got some free time on the base, he called her up and asked her straight up if what her family said was true. Surprisingly, she came out with the shocking truth almost straight away. Yes, she had cheated on him – with 60 other men!

Then, she dropped an even bigger bomb.


As if that gut-wrenching statement wasn’t enough, she had an even bigger secret to lay him low. One of those 60 men had, at some point over the last few months, got her pregnant. It was definitely not the soldier’s and she was definitely going to keep it. For the young man, this was the final nail in the coffin. He couldn’t take it anymore, and he broke down and cried.
Naturally, the young soldier filed for divorce.


He was devastated, but he didn’t totally lose his head. He knew that there was no recovering from this, and that the relationship he once cherished was now well and truly over. But he was overseas, and he didn’t want things to get messy while he could not control it. He called his lawyer and filed for divorce, but didn’t tell the wife until he got back.
But his wife made things very difficult.


If you thought the wife might have some remorse over the way she treated her husband, think again. When he got back, the nightmare continued. She caused a scene in court every time that she appeared to give evidence about their bitter divorce, and also refused point-blank to do a paternity test on her new baby.
Finally, the truth revealed itself.


Luckily, there was one other perk that being in the army got the husband: an excellent lawyer. Putting his wife on the witness stand, the lawyer cross-examined the wife until he tricked her into revealing the truth: about the baby’s father, about all the men she’d slept with, about how far back the lies went. From that point on, it was case closed.
Finally, the judge reached his decision.

Throughout the case, the wife had made a number of demands on the solider. She expected compensation for the divorce, and to retain control of the house they had bought together. But after her admission of guilt, it was all over. The judge sided with the soldier, and ordered the wife to give up the house and all her assets. Not only that, but she was never allowed to go near him again.
It’s a dramatic tale, but it definitely comes with a lesson.


No-one can doubt that this is a sad tale. The husband tried his best to keep everything together, but his wife was intent on tearing things apart. Having a partner in the armed forces is always going to be difficult, but that’s no reason to exact sexual revenge in the blatant and crushing way that she did. But one thing’s for certain: she’s learnt her lesson. Fool around like that, and you’ll end up penniless and homeless.

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