These 29 People Made Graduation Way Too Eventful

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College graduation is the last step of adolescence, right before heading out into the real world. You fill out the graduation application, figure out what to wear underneath your cap and gown, and reassure your parents that you’ll make it to the celebratory dinner.

But if you do it right, graduation night will be a huge blur, full of keg stands, endless jell-o shots, and random make out sessions. I mean, you gotta live it up before you enter the real world, right? The real world is b*tch and this is the last time you can really let loose before moving into the 9-to-5 work week that’s on the horizon.

The culmination of your education has now come to an end and adulthood is on the horizon, so it’s time to get sh*tfaced with the best of them.

These 29 people made the most out of graduation:


The dean held back my hair as I was puking after graduation. That means so much more than a diploma and a handshake.


They let you pick the name that they announce for you at graduation. The professional world needs to prepare itself for papa smurf mcdonald.


I learned the names of so many hookups when they read them at graduation


Happy graduation…we are now officially unemployed alcoholics!


Some guy seriously just got Jimmy Johns delivered to him at the graduation ceremony. This cannot be real life.


hahahah my homeschooled cousin put up graduation pictures. it’s just her standing in front of her fire place. With a hand made diploma.


Bad idea pregaming graduation…. she just threw up before walking across the stage… i’m gonna miss this


You tried to pay the bartender in graduation checks. I think you’ll be fine in the real world.


here’s a guy pushing a keg up the street in a shopping cart. you have to love graduation.


i’ve realized i need to start an “avoid moving in with my parents after graduation” fund


I almost puked on my graduation application. Perfect.


Just did the walk of shame in front of his dad while I was wearing his gym shorts and my heels from graduation last night. Keep it classy ’16


If I pass out for a while at graduation, please at least TRY to wake me?


Is it a step in the wrong direction for a kegerator for graduation?


It’s completely acceptable to go naked under my graduation gown right?


Do you know how hard it is to write about pediatric crohn’s when we’re trying to figure out the keg situation for graduation?


Ive decided I’m sending thank you notes to all the bars for graduation.


speaking of graduation plans, i’m blacked out eating sausage


still finding ketchup in my shoes. thanks to graduation that is probably the last time i’ll ever say that..


He’s going to be my graduation present to myself.


New discovery: pineapple flavored vodka. Life made, liver in jeopardy. Graduation t-minus 50 minutes.


I told him his only options were from behind or me on top. I was not about to mess up my $80 blow out before graduation.


it’s graduation. he’s gonna get congratulations/emotional i can’t believe you’re leaving me sex.


Me + graduation party + hammered drunk + polish horseshoes in the dark = black eye, crying, pissed, passed out in my dress.. How was your weekend?


For graduation he gave me roses, a giraffe necklace, and a butt plug. I think this might be my one shot at true love


I had sex with a Dutch boy on a rock last night. Happy graduation! xx


He just sent me the contact information about getting the zebra for graduation…


How much morphine is too much? Keep in mind that I’m going to my graduation dinner with my parents.


I’m still high with raccoon eyeliner eyes and chocolate all over my face and chest, clutching a mug of wine. Happy graduation.

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