This Is Second Love Is Way Better Than First Love

This Is Second Love Is Way Better Than First Love

A very familiar phrase that you must have come across “If you happened to fall in love the second time, it wasn’t actually Love the first time” Very true indeed! Isn’t it? It takes a lot of guts to fall in love for the second time because, generally, majority of people do not have very good experience from the first love. And once you do, you make sure it lasts forever. You get attached to that person more than you were ever with anyone. Second love holds a special place. It heals you and makes you feel better.

Let’s know why second love is way better than the first love.
Second love heals a lot! It heals to an extent where you are compelled to fall in love all over again. Humans are attracted to people who love them and care for them ( well, so are animals!) It has got that power to heal and makes you better.


Since you have faced a heartbreaking experience in your first relationship, the intensity of love in the second one will be way more! Trust establishes and you are likely to be crazy about each other in a positive way.

Second love is a secured one. You know you are not just fooling around but pretty serious about the future. Hence there is a constant feeling of security because you’re like you’ve had enough for the first time.

Experience makes a man perfect! Once you are experienced in something, you automatically get good at it. So consider the first love as a trial, with second love your understanding gets better.


Second love is mostly pampered and so it’s better than the first love. You both are so much into each other that pampering becomes a normal thing.

Lesser Arguments

Now that you know where an argument would lead, you’ll be aware of what you speak and what could hurt the other person.

More Commitment
You are more committed to your second love because there is a fear deep inside that you might lose them! So, second love is way better!

Your second love knows how to tackle you in different circumstances. Faith makes second love even more stronger and better.

Long lasting

Even if it ends at some point of time, you’ll notice it lasted long enough!

While reading all these points, if you were thinking that what if it’s the third love! Then you probably need a Love Doctor! All the best

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