10 Things That Men Want From Ladies In Their Relationship

Humans have a bad habit of being judgemental or of judging the book by its cover. As soon as we see someone, we make certain judgments about them. the biggest victim of this judgemental nature is maybe men.

Yes, men. Whenever we think of a relationship, we automatically think that we know what men want from that relationship. but is it really true? What appears to the surface, is that it?

If you have been making such assumptions about men, this is going to be an eye-opener for you. want to know what men want from a relationship? Keep reading.

1- Honesty

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Men really want honesty in a relationship. WHO doesn’t like a dose of truth right? Like everybody else, even they want honesty from their partner. Don’t use unnecessary flattery, it won’t take your relationship long.

2- Guys need romance

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As opposed to popular belief men are more romantic than ladies. Studies show that they respond to romantic gestures much better than their significant others. ladies are higher known for their pragmatic approach in a relationship.

3- Guys like ladies with makeup

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A man like honesty but it would be a fool’s decision to hang onto their every word. when you hear a man say they don’t like makeup, it’s probably a lie.

Men appreciate ladies WHO have makeup and a good style. The concept of physical beauty isn’t entirely lost on them.

4- The way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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This is really true. people respond to romance well when they are properly fed. homemade food is always a turn on for them. They would always select a lady who can cook over one who can’t, to be in a relationship.

5- Guys don’t like public attention

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You might be a social media star but don’t expect your guy to like that side of yours. Men often find such people shallow.

Men want a little bit secrecy when it comes to their personal life. So, if sharing every detail on-line is your hobby, I suggest you be careful.

6- Guys prefer self-sufficient ladies

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Everybody wants to be with somebody who can have their back. when it comes to a relationship, men too look for partners who can take charge of the situation.

If you’re of the timid sort, your guy will select somebody strong soon enough. Men want somebody equal in a relationship.

7- Guys respect personal space

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Spending time with your loved ones is a wonderful plan but you shouldn’t sacrifice your personal space for doing so. everybody needs personal space.

This is not limited to men. try to give your partner some space in your relationship and your love will only grow.

8- Guys don’t always think about getting laid

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That’s true. research shows that guys don’t always think about s**. They don’t always run behind physical intimacy. Romance, warmth and emotional comfort are also on their list.

9- They like making their relationship official

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People think that guys like hiding their relationships from the world but that’s not entirely true.

Men want to make their relationship official but they don’t want to make a rash decision in order to do so. Studies show that it’s much harder for men to overcome a breakup.

10- They like to think about the future

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I know some movies gives you the idea that guys don’t like to think about a relationship’s future but there’s more to it than it meets the eye.

They want kids too and thinking random things about the future is their pass time too. Yes, girls, we aren’t alone in this.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, stop making assumptions. There’s always more beneath the surface.

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